Conscious Leadership for a Changing World

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I’m Jenna Stoliker

I am the Founder of the Center for Conscious Leadership LLC, a boutique coaching & consulting firm that helps leaders engage all of their strengths so you can:

Communicate with greater credibility and influence

Connect with others more authentically

Collaborate effectively with more ease

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Center for Conscious Leadership

Corporate Consulting 

Engage, motivate, and develop your people.

Spark meaningful corporate culture.

Create collaborative teams that ignite passion.


Redefine Your Leadership

Individual Coaching 

Develop emotional intelligence to support a thriving, agile culture.

Listen deeply, reflect on your mindset, choose curiosity.

Increase your agility so you can navigate change gracefully.



“I’ve always believed I could be a good leader and knew I could do more but before I began the leadership development program I didn’t have the credibility or respect of others within my business unit. Jenna helped me unlock my potential by getting me to reflect on so many things that I wouldn’t reflect on. She also helped me focus on the positive instead of negative and I now notice how my mindset has shifted in ways that allow me to constructively engage in pivotal conversations. I really feel that I’ve been able to get through challenging situations in a better fashion as a result of the coaching I received.”

Gareth Mapp

Business Development Director, Smart Solutions Recruitment

“Over the course of my career it’s been challenging for me to get my peers or upper management to listen and “buy in” to my ideas. I was frustrated not having the influence I really wanted to have to help move NSF’s mission forward and wondered if I had hit the ceiling of my career potential. Participating in NSF’s leadership development program and working with Jenna one-on-one helped me recognize development opportunities that really needed to be addressed before I was able to accomplish my goals. Since working with Jenna and completing the leadership program, I have been able to work more effectively with others inside and outside of my department. I’ve gained more respect from my direct reports, peers and senior management. I’ve also noticed more people seeking me out for advice and feedback. This allows me an opportunity for greater impact and influence. As a result, opportunities for me that weren’t there before have opened up.”

Darrell Williams

Group Leader Inorganic Laboratories, NSF International

“As an emerging leader in a department that had recently undergone significant change, I needed to figure out how to tap into root causes quickly and effectively. In working with Jenna, I learned how to strategically attack pressing issues and tasks in the least draining way possible. I discovered that some of my energy drain was because I was flexing outside my comfort zone and personal work style. Jenna’s coaching approach is the perfect blend between active listening with compassion and direct feedback when you need to hear it the most. I have many colleagues who have worked with Jenna, all with very different work styles, and they’ve all had similar success with their coaching sessions. If you are hesitant at all to open yourself up to coaching, Jenna is the perfect coach for you. She has a unique way of making even the hardest conversations comfortable.”

Annie Labut

Managing Toxicologist, NSF International

“Jenna is clearly skilled at creating a safe space, crafting open-ended questions, and distilling experiences into tangible insights. I walked away from my Wisdom Walk coaching profoundly changed–not only in thought, but with valuable insights integrated into my whole being. I highly recommend this experience for anyone in search of personal and professional growth!”

Shonda Moralis

Founder, The BEA HIVE

“Jenna’s coaching is exceptional: She listens deeply, reflects thoughtfully, and sets the stage for safe exploration and discovery. Jenna skillfully helped me gain clarity around an issue I’ve been struggling with, and with that, opened doors to so many other possibilities I hadn’t even considered.”

Pam Wyess

Consultant, Workplace Results

Tucson, AZ

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