Growing Your Internal Gratitude

No question, gratitude is a perspective that forms your mindset and world view.  These act as valuable foundations for a positive, value-based life, both corporately and personally.  This benefits the people around you as well.  But how can you grow this trait within you?  How can the seeds of gratitude get planted in your mind?

A fundamental approach is to take stock of what you’ve been given: what skills you’ve acquired, what opportunities came your way, what successes you’ve enjoyed and what people have made your life better.  In other words, deciding to focus on the positive aspects of your life is a primary step to being thankful.

Appreciate the small things you have, the little gains that could have benefitted someone else, but came your way. Everyone’s life can be a celebration of positive things. It’s a choice. Take a look back in time and revisit the journey you’ve been on and see how far you’ve come. Isn’t that worth being thankful? When stress rises, think of those things you’re thankful for and foster a better perspective.

Recognizing the relative nature of things can also help develop a spirit of gratitude.  You likely know of people who are burdened by things that don’t affect you.  There are always tougher stories out there.  Being thankful for what you don’t have to deal with can complement the thankfulness for the good things you have.

When this topic comes up with my coaching clients, we discuss the importance of identifying people that lift your spirits.  Are they grateful people?  To keep you on the right track, surround yourself with them.  You’ll be surprised how sufficiently their gratitude wears off on you.

What do you think? If you’re struggling to grow your internal gratitude, an executive coach can put you on the right path.  They can encourage you along the way, helping you to train your brain to lean to the positive side of things. I’d love to help. You can reach me here and on LinkedIn.