Jenna Stoliker

For years working within a corporation, I struggled to fit into a mold that wasn’t shaped for me. A mold that required me to be more talkative, boisterous and opinionated if I wanted to be seen and heard.

I attempted to fit in by doing what I saw other leaders with influence do but it felt disingenuous. My confidence waned and I wondered if I was on the right career path and whether or not I was in the right organization.

Everything changed when I discovered my strengths and how to leverage them so I could access my fullest potential. I learned that even though I didn’t fit the boisterous and opinionated mold, I bring a lot to the table – like being a really good listener, being observant & noticing things others don’t and being accepting & open to other’s ideas.

Once I understood and honed my natural strengths, I started being the leader I wanted to be. When you navigate from the strength of who are, you are seen and heard.

I invite leaders just like you to get present – to hear and see yourself in new ways. I help you discover new approaches rather than replicate old patterns. And when you discover new ways to harness your natural strengths, you transform into a leader who delivers extraordinary results and does meaningful work.

What I Believe

  • Companies and Teams radically underutilize the talent of their people when they fail to see and hear their gifts
  • You have strengths, and we can identify them quite quickly
  • The more you center your work around your strengths the more you will rise into your leadership
  • Pausing and reflecting regularly strengthens your leadership
  • Developing and harvesting your wisdom lets you be a great leader
  • When you integrate all of your wisdom, you develop the capacity to access your fullest potential as an authentic and conscious leader.
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Let’s connect if you’re ready to: 

    • Bring out the best in yourself and your team.
    • Exercise powerful strategies to manage feelings of anxiety and frustration.
    • Lead from a place of unadulterated confidence and clarity to make powerful choices in the midst of chaos and change.

How are we to work effectively together if we don’t pause long enough to listen to one another?

How will we ever bridge the divide if we don’t understand why we believe what we believe?

Who are we at our essence?

Why I Do What I Do

Many organizations still prescribe to a model of creating value for shareholders rather than for a wider group of stakeholders. When a business prioritizes profits and quarterly results over people, individuals and teams get overlooked.

Did you get that? The people and groups responsible for delivering results are not seen and heard.

When we are not seen and heard, our gifts and talents go unrecognized. Like an un-watered seedling, our authentic power strains to flourish. Teams that do not see and hear one another struggle to collaborate because they lack commitment and accountability.

This got me thinking…

How do we build thriving organizations if the people in those organizations aren’t nourished?

How do we lead from a place of greater consciousness?

How do we access a wisdom that goes beyond what we’ve been taught and trained in?

So began my quest to understand how we connect, communicate and cultivate meaningful relationships.

These questions and more led me to explore human transformation through the lens of behavioral psychology, indigenous wisdom, and energy healing. On my quest, I’ve studied and worked alongside phenomenal mentors who support me in evolving into a conscious leader – leading from a place of unadulterated confidence and clarity that comes from being unapologetically grounded in my spiritual, emotional and cognitive wisdom.

In my own life, my most cherished moments in life happen either in nature or with close family and friends who love me – who see me and hear me. My goal is to give my clients that deep sense of being seen and heard, of helping them find the confidence that comes from being grounded in their own wisdom instead of being pulled by the forces around them.


My Guiding Principles


I keep promises and commitments while focusing on finding solutions that make sense for all involved.


I walk beside you on your journey and offer guidance and insight from an objective, non-judgmental place.


I consider our relationship a partnership because it is within this connection that we find the greatest synergy.


I speak the truth plainly and thoughtfully in service to you.


I set aside my ego and focus on your challenges and goals.


I assume positive intent, listen for understanding, and operate in an unbiased and transparent manner that earns your trust.


I teach you how to fish because my goal is to build your capability to stand on your own.


I continually seek ways to provide solutions that offer substance and quality because you want pound cake, not cotton candy.


Tucson, AZ