Conversation about Management Styles (What Makes a Good Boss)

What does a good manager look like? We’ve all had one.

They inspire trust, passion, and good work.

I was talking with my friend Terra about her experience with a good boss and the small things he did to make her feel appreciated and included, which skyrocketed her confidence and inspired her to go above and beyond in her role.

We recorded our conversation so you can see the small gestures that have a big impact on the sense of trust, acceptance, and inclusion.

Watch the good boss here.

Terra also had a manager that made her feel stifled, undervalued, and disposable. Despite being passionate about the mission of the organization, she was only motivated to tick off the boxes.

We talked about what went wrong in the manager-employee role and how that impacted the culture and eventually led her to leave the department.

You can watch that conversation here.

These conversations got me thinking about how the different generations interact in the workplace. Stay tuned!