Inspirational Leadership is About Connection

I’ve been really fortunate throughout my career – and especially in the beginning of my career – to have been in the presence of and mentored by some truly inspirational leaders. Looking back, I can see clearly that my capacity to flourish was directly connected to my mindset – and the support I received from the leaders I worked with.

Your mindset is essential to your overall performance. Although you may be highly committed and motivated, you may not reach your potential without support from the leaders around you. Studies now show this was very clear during the pandemic. When uncertainty and anxiety are high, employees must have clear expectations and emotional support, or they cannot harness their full potential.

When leaders wield power without a genuine concern for their colleagues’ well-being, reluctance and distrust fester within teams. Why? Because feeling supported is a fundamental need and, when you don’t feel supported you wonder why you’re putting in so much effort for so little in return.

Inspiring leaders take action because of their care and concern for others. You see, inspirational leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in our charge. While rank or title may indicate leadership authority, they are not indicators of leadership ability.

Inspirational Leadership Can Be Developed

Essentially, inspirational leadership positively influences and motivates others. In today’s world, inspirational leadership is about connection: connecting with those you lead in ways that are meaningful to them.

The relationships you cultivate are what determine your abilities as an influencer. If you build trust and practice empathy in your relationships, you’ll create higher-quality connections and inspire tremendous success from those you lead. Leadership may sound simple, but it poses specific challenges that require nuance and practice.

You can develop inspirational leadership by honing your ability to genuinely see and care for those around you. I’d love to hear what inspirational leadership looks like to you. Specifically…

  • the ways, big or small, you’ve seen inspirational leadership impact your team or organization
  • leaders who truly inspire you – what is it that they say or do? And what impact does that have on you?

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