It’s okay to get support to see more clearly

“When you are in the picture it is really hard to see the frame.”

This statement struck me like a lightning bolt when I first heard it.

I had just received some phenomenal insight during a conversation with my coach and I was wistfully commenting how it seemed so obvious now. It wasn’t until I heard my own wisdom reflected by my coach that I could actually see things more clearly. I finally saw the entire painting and frame!

It was at that point that I truly recognized the power of receiving support to think more clearly.

When things are murky, creating a quiet space to pause and reflect helps settle the dust but only temporarily. Soon, the dust gets all kicked up again and the murkiness returns.

Has this happened to you?

I found myself wishing I had a compass, a beacon of light to guide me through the murkiness. I needed support because, in the stillness and space of solitude that is so nourishing, I was not able to hear or see things clearly for myself.

Fortunately, I found someone to help me navigate the murkiness and discovered how much easier it is to gain a clearer perspective with someone to guide me through the muck.

I learned I don’t have to do it on my own. And neither do you.

It’s okay to ask for support in sifting through the plethora of swirling ideas so you can articulate your compelling vision.

It’s okay to ask for support when you don’t know what to do with conflicting situations.

It’s okay to receive support when you need to shift direction but don’t know how to do that.

Gaining sharp insight, articulating a compelling vision or finding meaning in the intricate weave of complexity is possible when you have the right type of support.

I can be that support for you.

My goal is to give my clients that deep sense of being seen and heard, of helping them find the confidence that comes from being grounded in their own wisdom instead of being pulled by the forces around them. One way I do that is in the Walk with Wisdom Virtual Retreat. Learn more here