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You are talented and have worked hard to gain your expertise, but there is more going on under the surface than others know.

Sharing what’s below the surface is scary or unacceptable or BOTH – especially in the workplace. It can cause you to second-guess your credibility and confidence.

So you stay a safe distance from the edge, safely exploring how to communicate with greater influence and picking up a few pointers along the way.

But that doesn’t allow you to go deep enough to harness your wisdom and consciously catalyze the change you envision.

Working with me is different.

We go deeper and we explore the edges. You’ll explore what’s going on for you in a way you haven’t before. Tapping into your emotional wisdom, you’ll look at the stories you tell yourself with fresh eyes. You’ll hear and see yourself differently. You’ll experiment with using your strengths in new ways to unlock your untapped potential.

I invite you to take inspired action because that’s when permanent shifts start to happen. Change doesn’t happen until action does.


And I will be with you every step of the way.

Individual Coaching

Jumpstart Your Leadership Journey

This private one-on-one coaching program provides coaching on a specific, well-defined objective such as navigating a career or life transition, developing your leadership style, or taking the next step to increase practical knowledge.

As your partner in this program, I will coach, mentor & guide you through bi-weekly coaching sessions which flow like this:

  • Confirm Focus – each time we meet, we’ll explore what you want to focus on for that meeting and the purpose of the discussion in relationship to the overall objective
    Exploration & Discovery – we’ll look at where you are now (relative to the topic) and where you want to be
  • Action Planning – discuss what’s most important to consider as you move forward and what actions you can take between now and the next time we meet
  • Identify Opportunities – we’ll explore ways to help you take action
  • Accountability – we’ll also look at what’s needed to follow through with the actions you’ve identified

(extrinsic & intrinsic)

  • Supplemental materials such as self-study guides, reference materials or leadership assessments such as MBTI, DiSC, Leadership Agility, StrengthsFinder
  • Weekly Reflection & Accountability Check-ins to help you track your accomplishments, learning, breakthroughs and any additional action items that may arise
  • Increased confidence, clarity and impact so you can make a meaningful difference

Anyone who has:

  • Have recently moved – or preparing to move – into a new position. You need a strategy & plan in order to make sense of all the new information coming your way and get results!
  • Are contemplating a career change (or other life transition) and are unsure of what step to take next. If you’ve been out of the job search arena for a while, you may want to figure out how to leverage your unique skills and prepare yourself for talking with recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Are taking on a new project/initiative – maybe it’s a bigger scope than you’ve experienced before – and you want help navigating the office politics that come with this project.
  • Are open to new experiences but you know your typical approach might be limiting your career or leadership capacity
  • Are experiencing a challenging relationship which may have you questioning your effectiveness and, possibly, distracting you from other priorities.

Other Details

  • Format – Remote (phone or video conferencing) or In-person (Ann Arbor, MI area)
  • Timeframe – 6 Months
  • Frequency of Meetings – Bi-weekly
  • Total # of Coaching Sessions – 13 sessions (1 Getting Started Session + 12 coaching sessions)
  • Length of Each Session – 60 minutes

Cultivate Your Leadership Agility

This private one-on-one coaching program helps you expand your capacity to lead effectively in a business environment buffeted by accelerating change in a workplace environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and/or ambiguous (VUCA).

You’ll identify the key behaviors you want to develop with the aid of a 360-degree leadership feedback process. In addition to regular leadership coaching sessions, this program includes the following steps:

  • Orientation Meeting – Discuss how the 360 process works, identify 3 Key Factors for Success related to Business Results, Team Interactions, and Leader Interpersonal Behaviors, and select 360 Feedback Team
  • Feedback Interviews & 360 Assessment – Individual meetings with Direct Reports, Manager, Peers or Stakeholders to uncover leadership behaviors and that foster team member engagement and collaboration; Feedback Team completes online 360 assessment. This is done twice – at program beginning and end
  • Debrief Meeting – Review feedback and discuss perceptions; confirm 3 Key Success Factors for leadership development
  • Action Planning Meeting – Finalize Development Planner and prepare for “enrollment conversations” with a few key stakeholders
  • Midway Review Meeting – In this meeting we meet with your manager to check-in, assess, and align with his/her expectations

(extrinsic & intrinsic)

  • Leadership 360° feedback report & Development Planner to formulate your leadership development goals so they are specific, powerful and compelling
  • Supplemental materials such as self-study guides and reference materials
  • Weekly Reflection & Accountability Check-ins to help you track your accomplishments, learning, and breakthroughs
  • A clear, behaviorally specific road map that shows what the next steps in your leadership development look like
  • Are a mid- to senior-level leader who leads a team and has responsibility for making organizational improvements, whether the scale of these improvements is large or small.
  • Have a strong desire to shift the organizational culture but feel stuck by others’ lack of buy-in to your ideas.
  • Work in an organization or run a business that is changing dramatically – possibly growing exponentially – and you feel a growing sense of trepidation about how to make a meaningful impact.
  • Recognize that getting your team to the next level (or fulfilling the organization’s goals) requires greater innovation, creativity and collaboration among your peers and team members.
  • Experience resistance and skepticism (either in yourself or others) when faced with a change – and you’re frustrated by feeling that you’re rowing against the current.

Other Details

  • Format – Remote (phone or video conferencing) or In-person (Ann Arbor, MI area)
  • Timeframe – 12 Months
  • Frequency of Meetings – Bi-weekly
  • Total # of Coaching Sessions – 25 sessions (1 Getting Started Session + 24 coaching sessions)
  • Length of Each Session – 60 minutes

Define Your Vision, Strategy & Goals

This program is designed to help you step outside of your day-to-day routine and take time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and where you want to head next. We take a deep dive into strategic planning and weave together aspects and influences of your leadership style along with the desired outcomes you or your team are targeting.

This program offers as much or as little support as you need to develop your big vision, put a strategy in place and keep your priorities aligned. Here’s what’s available to you in this program:

  • Walking with the Wisdom of Your Leadership Exercise – an alternative approach to help you access new insight, wisdom, and guidance to help you look at things with a fresh perspective
  • Weekly Check-Ins via email to help you find your focus and celebrate accomplishments and breakthroughs
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions (60-minutes) these calls include teaching (and coaching) on your specific questions and challenges
  • Quarterly Reviews – offered as a half-day in-person or virtual retreat to allow you to digest the past quarter and realign, if needed, based on what you’ve learned so far

(extrinsic & intrinsic)

  • Self-Guided manual of visioning exercises for you to replicate on your own
  • Mirroring of your Wisdom Walk Story
  • Clarity about where to focus your efforts
  • Increased capacity to make better business decisions during turbulent times by practicing techniques to anchor your vision
  • Decrease any uncertainty you experience by knowing how to quickly align your vision and goals

If you:

  • Are responsible for developing a compelling strategy and setting a direction that’s aligned to the organization’s larger vision.
  • Want to find healthy, reasonable and sustainable ways to lead your team or organization.
  • No longer feel the urge to learn everything but you do want help figuring out what you need to do and then do it.
  • Are self-motivated and, once you find the direction that’s right for you, you trust yourself to take action.
  • Need help setting clear intentions for what you want to create.
  • Want to increase the consistency with which you do the things that make the biggest difference in your career/life.

Other Details

  • Format – Remote (phone or video conferencing) or In-person (Ann Arbor, MI area)
  • Timeframe – 12 Months
  • Frequency of Meetings – Monthly + Quarterly Review
  • Total # of Coaching Sessions – 17 sessions (Monthly coaching + Quarterly Reviews + Mirroring of your Wisdom Walk)
  • Length of Each Session – 60-minute Coaching Sessions + 3 – 4 hours per Quarterly Review

Group Coaching

If you prefer a collaborative group environment and learn from the insights and contributions of your peers, then Group Coaching may be for you.

Group coaching is available to self-organized groups within or outside an organization such as executives, business unit leaders, emerging leaders, or leaders in transition.

Groups come together to pursue a shared focus such as:

  • Developing leadership agility
  • Growing emotional intelligence
  • Building resilience
  • Navigating change
  • Managing Up, Down and Across

Coaching groups provide an intimate conversation space for up to 8 leaders focused on deepening awareness around similar issues each leader is facing, taking action, and holding each other accountable.

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What is Leadership Coaching?

This is a collaborative, individual relationship between you and me (your coach). As a leader, you may have responsibility for leading people, projects, or initiatives. I partner with you to bring about sustainable behavioral change so that you may achieve short- and long-term professional and organizational goals.

Who is it for?

Individual coaching is ideal for leaders who feel challenged by their current situation and are ready to do something different to get better results. This is the perfect forum to work on less tangible behaviors such as body language, personal impact, communication style, and influencing skills.

How does it work?
Because coaching is transformative in nature, we’ll work together for a defined period of time. Because you are juggling multiple priorities, I can work remotely with you by phone or videoconference, thereby eliminating travel time, or meet with you in person if you reside in the Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor area.

At the onset of the coaching agreement, you may receive feedback from your manager, peers, direct reports and other stakeholders. I may also conduct interviews with these people or administer a 360° assessment to elicit additional feedback. The feedback is then used to gain valuable insights into your strengths and opportunities for development as well as align organizational goals with personal goals.

In a safe and trusting partnership, you explore blind spots, vulnerabilities, and frustrations. As your coach, I help you connect to your strengths and values in ways that improve your relationships, communication, and leadership presence.

What’s the benefit?

While you will be challenged to try out new behaviors, I help you monitor and measure the effects. You will also make significant progress toward your stated goals – whether that’s taking on a new role, dealing with a difficult relationship, or leading a game-changing initiative.

Here are some examples in which past clients have experienced significant transformation:

  • Increased self-awareness so that you communicate in ways that allow others to hear what you have to say.
  • Boosted level of confidence to speak up about issues that really matter (instead of staying silent).
  • Decreased feelings of frustration by integrating new leadership skills to navigate ambiguous, fast-paced & ever-changing environments.


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