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Leadership can emerge from any position and produce powerful results.

Whether you are a seasoned leader, a new leader or someone responsible for developing leaders in your organization, anticipating and responding to changing conditions is becoming increasingly complex.

The environment around you feels more volatile, uncertain and ambiguous than ever before. Navigating a way forward feels draining because you are trying to strike a balance between:

  • Motivating individuals on your team and doing what’s best for the whole team or organization.
  • Honoring your colleague’s need for collaboration while being true to your competitive spirit.
  • Promoting consistency with structure and processes but also being open and flexible to alternative approaches.

You want to be on top of your game without burning out or becoming disengaged, frustrated or disillusioned with your career or life.

What you want is not taught in school. It’s cultivated through reflection and experience as a way or state of being rather than skills learned.

Learn to lead from a place of unadulterated confidence and clarity so you make clear, powerful choices in the midst of chaos and change.

What you want is to be a Conscious Leader.

I’m here to help you cultivate your leadership presence.

The Roadmap to Becoming a Conscious Leader

Expand Self-Awareness > Increase Emotional Intelligence > Develop Leadership Agility

The Programs and Retreats I offer guide you along this roadmap with expert strategies and tools and support you in reflecting on your experience and developing that new, more powerful, way of being so your leadership can be strong and effective.


Transformational leadership development anchored in conscious business practices

The sole purpose of these programs is to help leaders create trusting and caring cultures that inspire others to new heights, promote engagement through meaningful connections and foster innovation.

Emerging leaders and mid-level leaders in need of developing their ability to conduct pivotal conversations, lead teams, and drive organizational change. Programs are ideal for those who:

  • Are quickly gaining greater leadership responsibility because they get stuff done…but now find themselves in unchartered territory
  • Have exceptional potential but haven’t had the benefit of strong mentors or professional development
  • Are quick-thinking and passionate about their ideas but struggle to get others to acknowledge the value of their contributions

Leaders explore the inner and outer domains of leadership presence that include relationship with self, others, and the organization. Each tailored program includes the support of assessments, experiential learning exercises, action learning groups, asynchronous and synchronous learning activities.


  • Gain a clear and in-depth understanding of your leadership style
  • Develop the ability to readily relate and connect with others, particularly those with differing personalities, backgrounds and values
  • Increase your ability to adapt to new situations and successfully manage change


  • Develop greater leadership capability to lead and drive change
  • Achieve greater accountability and accelerate the achievement of business goals
  • Increase the number of engaged employees who are aligned with the company’s mission, values, and objectives

Tailored programs employ an across-time approach typically ranging from 6 – 18-months. The structure provides ongoing reinforcement to support the way leaders internalize new concepts and develop skills through real-world practice, personal reflection, sharing with others and promoting personal accountability.

The following programs may be offered as stand-alone solutions or integrated into a larger leadership curriculum.

  • Communicating with Influence & Integrity: Cultivate Your Leadership Presence & Trust
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Understanding & Developing Your Management Style
  • Developing Emotional Agility
  • Cultivating Healthy Teamwork: Five Behaviors of a Team


Transformational leadership retreats to address challenging situations and allow space for creative solutions

You work hard and want your work to be meaningful.

Your team wants to be involved, collectively working towards a shared vision.

For Leaders or teams such as executive teams, project teams, cross-functional teams who need to step back from their daily routines so they can better see how their actions are moving them in their desired direction.

Retreats typically range from 1 – 3 days but can be customized to meet your needs or the needs of your group.

Retreat topics address a variety of questions such as:

  • Recognizing our Strengths and Challenges
    What are our standout qualities? What do we do well? What can we improve on?
  • Co-Creating Connection
    How do we interact? How do we effectively collaborate to further the mission of the organization? How can we improve the ways in which we work together
  • Developing a Compelling Vision
    What do we want the organization to look like in three years? What would be the characteristics of our culture, systems, structure, skills, program mix?
  • Defining our Operating Principles
    What do we stand for? What do we want to be remembered for? Which values bind us together as a team and guide our efforts from day to day?
  • Leading with Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
    How can we meet our clients/donors where they are, rather than where we are? How can we improve our ability to listen and attune ourselves to our clients’/donors’ needs, and to each other?
  • Translating Leadership Values into Practice
    How do I communicate clearly and not get triggered by others’ reactions? What does it look like when I lead from my strengths?

Participating in a retreat generates more productivity and motivation because you experience greater clarity about your purpose and, when participating as part of a team, you feel a greater sense of involvement in establishing the team’s or organization’s goals and ideals.

Leadership Retreats for those who are ready to ignite their intuition and creativity. In a safe and supportive environment, you are invited to reflect on what was, be with what is, and explore what’s ahead. Retreats serve as a powerful gateway to consciously shift mindsets as you embark on a new journey or rejuvenate before continuing your journey.

Retreats are not an end in themselves but a part of an overall process. Retreats can be a potent way to amplify learning either at the beginning of coaching or a leadership development program or throughout a coaching or leadership program to deepen learning.

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