Transforming the Landscape of Leadership

I’m excited and honored to announce that I have recently acquired the Intégro Leadership Institute!

Intégro Leadership Institute has designed a suite of assessments to create high-performing cultures and foster teamwork while improving leadership agility. We call them the Trust Inside Assessments because at the heart of every thriving organization is a foundation of TRUST.

The History

The Trust Inside Assessments were created in 1973 in Minneapolis when Dr Ralph Colby, a qualified psychologist and former Baptist minister, along with Ron Bates, a marketing specialist, believed there was a need for organizations to be more effective in managing people.

My mentor, Keith Ayers joined the company, Interpersonal Growth Systems, known as Intégro Learning Company, in 1977 and took ownership of the business in 1980.

Intégro Leadership Today

The key purpose of Intégro Leadership Institute was and still is to provide organizations with tools to enable positive culture change.

Trust Inside Assessments provide valid data to enable organizations to build a culture of trust and a healthy, psychologically safe work environment that takes the interactions between employees and their leaders from average to extraordinary.

We continue to conduct research and refine our tools to ensure we’re providing the best results for businesses.

Keith recently announced to our network of Certified Associates that I am the new owner of Intégro Leadership Institute and the Trust Inside Assessments. I’m honored to be continuing and expanding his work.

Revolutionizing Workplace Culture

Our vision is to revolutionize workplace culture by promoting healthy work environments, one team and organization at a time. We strongly believe that trust is the foundation of all successful working relationships. When employees and leaders work collaboratively and support one another, it’s possible to achieve incredible results.

The Trust Inside Assessments are one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox when I work with organizations who are looking for transformational change.

We also certify internal and external consultants to administer Trust Inside Assessments with their own clients.

I hope you’ll celebrate this career milestone with me!