Walk with Wisdom Virtual Retreat
Clarity to Navigate a Complex or Challenging Situation
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The Walk with Wisdom Virtual Retreat offers an alternative way to gather the insight you need when you’re faced with navigating a challenging situation. This alternative approach combines contemporary leadership practices and timeless wisdom to help you:

  • Decrease any uncertainty you are experiencing by shifting your perspective.
  • Access greater clarity about where you’re headed by looking through the lens of nature’s wisdom.
  • Make better business decisions during turbulent times by practicing a technique to quiet your very active inner dialogue and anchor your vision.

Experience an innovative approach to gain clarity in making decisions, make sense of choices that appear conflicting, and expand your perspective on challenging situations.

A Wisdom Walk is not an everyday walk in the park to figure it out (whatever “it” is) with your very active mind. When you walk with wisdom you embark upon a purposeful journey in nature taken with the intent to access new insight, wisdom, and guidance in response to an important inquiry.

Connecting with the natural world fosters a more expansive way of looking at challenging situations by reminding us that we can love and connect with that which we cannot control.

    This Retreat is For You If Are…

    • Feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from your life and need a deliberate process to make sense of the chaos.
    • At a crossroads and are seeking insight, wisdom and guidance about the options available to you and your organization.
    • Looking for clarity about a sticky situation that you’ve been ruminating on and you want to know how to proceed.
    • Feeling out of step with your vision and you want a fresh perspective for your career, your team, or the direction of your business.
    • An organizational leader who is looking to chart a new direction but you are too entrenched in day-to-day tasks to get your head clear.

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

    ~ Albert Einstein

     The Format

       2 Group Calls + 1 Private Coaching Call


    Small group virtual retreat (max. 5 participants) – just the right size so you receive the support you need and not too big that you get lost in the crowd. This a Pay-What-You’re-Inspired Retreat (scroll down for the details)



    • Sunday – September 19, 2021 (10:00am – 6:00pm ET)
    • Saturday – November 6, 2021 (10:00am – 6:00pm ET)
    • Friday – December 3, 2021 (9:00am – 5:00pm ET)


    We reserve one day; meeting in the morning (via ZOOM) to gather in our circle and prepare for our contemplative walk in nature. Then we’ll meet late in the afternoon to share our Wisdom Walk stories and receive deeper insight. Here’s how the day looks:

    • Call #1 (2 hours) – Welcome / Context Setting / Preparation for Wisdom Walk. We explore the Inquiry you want to hold during your visionary time in nature. I help you refine your question so it is framed to give you the most insight.
    • Wisdom Walk – This is your time for solitude in nature. Plan to use a minimum of two hours for your Wisdom Walk at a location of your choosing and the rest of the time for reflection and journaling.
    • Call #2 (2 hours) – Wisdom Circle / Sharing Your Story / Mirroring of your Wisdom Walk. Now is the time to share the full story of your Wisdom Walk. As I listen, I’m hearing the messages from Nature unfold in the form of metaphors, symbols, & patterns that offer wisdom and guidance in relation to your inquiry. Mirroring your story to you through this lens, I offer you the gems held within your Wisdom Walk and how this may bring clarity to your situation relative to your Inquiry.

    After the retreat

    You’ll schedule your Wisdom Walk Integration Call. We’ll meet privately (via ZOOM), for 45 minutes, approximately 10 – 14 days after the retreat to follow-up on any additional insights that may be coming forward from your Wisdom Walk. We’ll explore how to apply the wisdom and guidance you received, craft a plan and identify next steps you’ll take to bring your wisdom forward in service to your current situation.

    What You Receive

    • Preparing for Your Wisdom Walk Retreat guidebook
    • Private coaching call to integrate your wisdom and articulate your Next Steps
    • Self-Guided Wisdom Walk workbook to replicate this practice on your own

    Be aware of the signs around you to hear what is wanting to be told to you.

    I want this retreat to be accessible to those who are willing and ready to do the deep, inner reflection necessary for transformation. Given the uncertainty and upheaval that COVID-19 has brought us, your financial situation may not be what it used to be which is why I’m offering this retreat on a “Pay What You Are Inspired” basis. Let me explain…

    I am passionate about sharing the Wisdom Walk practice and creating a space for you to be seen and heard as you sort through your complex situation to find greater meaning and purpose. My intention is that we experience a balanced exchange of giving and receiving. I refer to this as conscious, heart-based commerce. Here’s what that looks like:

    1. Take a moment and decide if participating in the Walk with Wisdom Virtual Retreat is an experience you want to have. If “YES!”, then review the Payment Guidelines tab to learn how to engage with heart-based giving.
    2. Take a deep breath (please exhale) and then decide what feels like a balanced payment to make in exchange for what you intend to receive from this retreat.
    • The suggested payment is $275. This is the price that makes this offering sustainable for me so I can continue offering this retreat to those who need it.
    • Pay-it-Forward payment is $350. The world needs more kindness, doesn’t it? Let it begin with you. This payment is used to make it possible for others to participate at a lower rate.
    • The requested minimum payment is $200. This helps to cover my admin costs and some but not all of my time for leading this retreat. If contributing at this level would prevent you from paying for food or shelter or medical care, or you are on a limited fixed income with little to no room for extras, please contact me to discuss. Please know that I retain the right to say no to any offer I deem as an unbalanced exchange.

    IMPORTANT Payment Instructions
    When you sign up, the retreat will be priced at $200. You can adjust your payment by entering an additional amount in the “Pay What You Want Additional Amount” box.

    So, if you are planning to make the suggested payment of $275, you would enter $75 in the “Pay What You Want Additional Amount” box. If you are planning to pay the Pay-it-Forward amount of $350, you would enter $150 in the “Pay What You Want Additional Amount” box.


    Often, when we try something new or different, questions arise. I get it. Sometimes you like jumping in right away and delight in the discovery that unfolds. Other times you want – let’s make that “need” – more information before moving ahead. Both approaches have their merits with no right or wrong – it just IS.

    So if you’d like more information, please send an email to me: Jenna@jennastoliker.com. I’m happy to answer your questions!

    Unable to attend one of the scheduled group virtual retreats or you’d like to schedule a private group or individual retreat? I’d love to hear from you and co-create a virtual retreat just for you.

    What Others are Saying

    “Jenna is clearly skilled at creating a safe space, crafting open-ended questions, and distilling experiences into tangible insights. I walked away from my wisdom walk coaching profoundly changed–not only in thought, but with valuable insights integrated into my whole being. I highly recommend this experience for anyone in search of personal and professional growth!”

    Shonda Moralis

    “I can’t express my gratitude strongly enough for the potent insights and healing I gained from the Wisdom Walk facilitated by Jenna. The format and instructions were clear and accessible and Jenna holds space so powerfully that I felt seen and heard in a deep way. I was able to reclaim my authentic wisdom and come home to the embodiment of that wisdom in my relationships and interactions. I have participated in other more expensive programs, but not received the high level of support and positive outcome that I gained from Jenna and the experience of the Wisdom Walk. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking greater connection with their inner wise leader.”

    Debra DeLorenzo

    “I participated in the Wisdom Walk with Jenna and found it to be a great experience. I went into the experience with a specific decision I needed to make. It allowed me to slow down and loo Dawn Poteauk inward. Then through the mirroring process I was able to get clarity on my next steps. I am happy to report that I made the right decision and credit the process with helping me get there with confidence and clarity. Highly recommended.”

    Dawn Poteau

    “Wow—I LOVED my Wisdom Walk experience! Though initially curious (and even a little skeptical) about how a virtual retreat would work, my doubts were quickly erased. From Jenna’s initial communications and in-session overview, to her coaching and facilitating, to learning with my small group partners, this was a GREAT experience. Jenna’s coaching is exceptional: She listens deeply, reflects thoughtfully, and sets the stage for safe exploration and discovery. Jenna skillfully helped me gain clarity around an issue I’ve been struggling with, and with that, opened doors to so many other possibilities I hadn’t even considered. I had SO many insights from doing this! Whether you’re looking to get clear, get ideas, or just get going, Jenna’s Wisdom Walk can help.”

    Pam Wyess

    “I signed up for the Wisdom Walk not knowing what to expect but knew this would be different from my normal approach to problem-solving. What I found, beyond clarity on a pressing challenge, was the expert way Jenna blends ancient practices with modern leadership challenges – personal or professional. The Wisdom Walk I took during this virtual retreat has changed the way I walk forever. It amplified my intuition and has brought clarity to so many questions beyond the one I held for my walk that day. Do something unfamiliar and register for this retreat.”

    Barbara Berger


    Pinckney, MI