Why it’s so important for women leaders to cultivate their Emotional Wisdom

I love working with both men and women to be conscious leaders. And what I see is that women face unique challenges in the workplace which can make it even harder for them to trust and access their Emotional Wisdom.

One of the common challenges I see is women trying to prove themselves.

In addition to the roles and responsibilities you have beyond the workplace, feeling like you have to prove yourself to earn the respect of your colleagues and team members is a dangerous trap because when you do it all you:

  • get tired, overwhelmed and pulled in too many different directions.
  • spend a lot of your time doing stuff that you really don’t want to do anymore.
  • may secretly feel like you are in over your head, having said yes to stuff that you really don’t know how to do well.
  • struggle to achieve goals because you are already so tapped out ‘doing it all’ that you don’t have the time or energy to even think about it.

Being physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted makes it harder to feel into your guiding Emotional Wisdom and it takes a toll on your:

  • Confidencehave you ever had that terrifying thought you might be found out or that you really don’t belong in your role?
  • Ability to cultivate connectionshow are strong is your network of allies?
  • Ability to Communicate with influence and integrity – do you trust your own voice so you are seen and heard in the way you want to be?

The more you cultivate your Emotional Wisdom the less vulnerable you are to falling in to the trap of trying so hard to prove yourself.

When you access your Emotional Wisdom, you see things more clearly which allows you to communicate in ways that get to the heart of the matter because you:

  • Notice what is going on – you are present to what is happening inside and around you, listening to what is and isn’t said and continuously learning,
  • Are open to new ideas – exploring & discovering new ways and approaches, and
  • Have candid conversations in order to remove hurdles and take purposeful action.

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