You are the Hero in Your Journey

Everything you’ve been and done has brought you to this point in your life today, and I’m sure it hasn’t all been easy.

Your resilience and grit increases when you build from your setbacks and failures rather than let them hold you back. And that, my friend, is the journey of a hero.

Heroic journeys begin with a calling that you can’t ignore. What was yours? A place? A job? A need? A love? Whatever it was, it set you on a path to put aside old ways of thinking and being and required you to face unknowable challenges.

To move forward on the path of your heroic journey, you must constantly question the places, situations, and people around you, including yourself. You see, the core of your heroic journey is the acceptance of your true self through self-assessment, reflection, and often tricky exploration of faults and old programming.

If you feel you haven’t begun your hero’s journey, ask yourself:

“Am I denying myself a truth that, by accepting that truth, would require effort and change on my part?”

If so, YOU may be the one in your own way. The one preventing you from taking that first step along your heroic journey. I invite you to break down those self-imposed barriers and take the first step in your very own heroic journey.

Are You Living Your Story or Someone Else’s?

Your heroic journey doesn’t have a final destination, per se. It does, however, require careful attention, focus, and vigilance to assess where you are and how to become your best self.

In The Blueprint: 6 Practical Steps to Lift Your Leadership to New Heights (Wiley, 2020), authors Doug Conant and Amy Federman, share that many leaders today are blocked from embarking on their heroic journey because they are “trying to live the corporate story,” rather than their story. In their attempt to fulfill the expectations of the outside world, they “fail to reconcile the inside world, and remain stuck.”

So how do you break free from someone else’s story? You create an entourage of excellence, find your individual leadership stories, and bring those stories to life.

I’m here to help you claim your truth and write your own story. If you want support in breaking down your self-imposed barriers, let’s talk. You can reach me here and on LinkedIn.