Building a Culture of Gratitude

Since all leaders mold their culture one way or another, a grateful leader influences their people in ways that demonstrate the benefits of thankfulness.  People see the difference and they like it, wanting more of it.  Work life becomes more enjoyable and rewarding.  Leading by example is the most powerful means to prompt a better environment and build a culture of gratitude.

Noted author and coach DeLores Pressley puts it simply in Smart Business Magazineauthenticity is the best way to make an impression.  Phony gratitude is noticeable.  Showing your staff that you’re thankful for them is a significant demonstration of gratitude.  People who feel valued return the sentiment.

When this topic comes up with my coaching clients, we discuss how leaders make it a habit to thank their people.  This builds a culture of mutual appreciation and emulation.  For example, find ways to reach out to them and add value with thanks, appreciation, congratulations for accomplishments and helpfulness.  Giving them your best, with your time and your skills, tells them you’re grateful for having them on your staff.

Leaders who point to the positives in everyday activities reveal a grateful spirit.  Of course, there are negative issues in every organization, and lamenting with grumbling or resentment drags everyone down.  However, emphasizing a focus on positive solutions or valued lessons learned draws out thankfulness in everyone.  Building on positives enhances the opportunities for more, and it unites people in a common, worthy cause. That’s worth being thankful for, too.

Believing in your leadership abilities and the skills of your people, giving them grace when they err and support when they succeed, crafts a positive and grateful culture that has no limits. Make it your example and your expectation that a positive, thankful mindset is what your organization needs in order to prosper. Certainly no one will object to that.

Are you building a culture of gratitude?  What are some of your lessons learned?   I’d love to hear about your experiences.  You can reach me here and on LinkedIn.