The 3 Things you Need to Do to Inspire Others

Based on conversations I’ve been having with leaders and their team members, the pressures of the past couple years have greatly affected the way we communicate.

We’ve reverted to old-school communication styles that are far less effective.

Traditional communication defines the problem, analyzes it, and recommends a solution. While this appears logical—it appeals to reason—it is limiting in that it only serves to pass on information to those who desire it or are looking for direct orders.

By the way, your Hyper-Rational Saboteur LOVES this type of communication. However, this approach doesn’t work if you want to inspire and motivate others. In fact, it often creates more problems than it solves because employees who disagree, have other ideas, or ingrained habits don’t respond well to a perceived command and control order or a lecture on beliefs.

And here’s why this happens…

When communication does not align with what you believe, you dismiss it as irrelevant or wrong.

How to Communicate in Ways That Inspires

Communicating in way that is aligned with your audience begins with the “why.” Once you’ve addressed the “why”, then you can move to the “how” and “what.” Pay careful attention the details and understand the importance of:

  • Word choice
  • Word patterns
  • Order of patterns

Successful leaders don’t rely on a single communication. As implementation proceeds, they reinforce communication and work with their people to co-create the future by continuing the conversation.

In addition to words, the language of leadership is most effective when you:

  1. Share intelligent stories and narratives
  2. Display appropriate, congruent body language
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the audience’s story and context

How strong are your communication skills? How do you inspire and motivate your employees through the way you communicate?

I’d love to hear from you. I can be reached here and on LinkedIn.

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