What I’m learning about myself during a pandemic

My Love of Learning fuels my desire to continually grow and improve. It strikes me funny that I hadn’t considered that to be one of my strengths – until now. After all, as a coach, I help my clients tap into their strengths as they navigate their leadership path without compromising who they are. Earlier this year, I enrolled in The Academies Certified Strengths Coach program with the intention to expand my coaching toolkit. Admittedly, I was focused on understanding the power of strengths as a breakthrough tool for my clients. As such, I hadn’t considered the depth of personal growth and transformation that would occur for me personally.

Nor did I realize, all those months ago, that we were on the precipice of a pandemic and that learning how to consciously leverage my strengths would help me navigate the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity that would greet us oh-so-quickly, like a fast-rising flood.

Navigating Turbulent Waters with Strengths

When the winds changed quickly and my ship began to heave to and fro in turbulent waters, it was quite challenging to see clearly. I had the sensation that I was either losing my footing or going to toss my cookies – or both. When my nautical chart, that I relied on to safely navigate these seas, had fallen overboard I found myself asking three questions:

  • WHY am I here?
  • WHAT do I want to focus on?
  • HOW do I want to take action?

And it was this moment, that I discovered the answer to those questions are rooted in my strengths. The uncertainty I was feeling transmuted into understanding as I learned how to cultivate a holistic approach to determine WHAT I want, WHY it’s meaningful to me, and HOW to go about making it happen.

What I’m learning about myself is this:

  • One of my most powerful strengths is connecting deeply with people – I hold space for others to be seen and heard. And during this time, when sheltering in place may mean that we are disconnected from our support systems or less visible to others, being seen and heard is one of the deepest and truest forms of connection; providing healing, growth and transformation. This is WHY I’m here.
  • Relationships and Spirituality matter a lot to me – and they’re also my strengths. I hadn’t realized these were strengths because they’re so ingrained in my DNA. Using these strengths together, I help others find meaning by looking at the bigger picture of the world around them. In the face of uncertainty, making meaning of the world around you provides a sense of comfort and stability. This is WHAT I focus on.
  • I am more agile than I initially gave myself credit for. Now that I understand my vast array of strengths, I consciously choose how to use one of my natural strengths to amplify a lesser-utilized strength. This is HOW I take action.

What are you learning about yourself during this time?

If you’d like to learn how to leverage your strengths – let’s talk!